Step 1: Follow the main Hogwarts blog and read the rules and FAQ.

    Step 2: Follow this blog!

    Step 3: Send us an owl (non Slytherinss can send their applications to their own Houses) with what year you’re in and the classes you wish to take.

    Step 4: Follow your teachers.

    Step 5: You’re done! Welcome to Hogwarts.


  2. s1mply1nsp1rat1onal said: Do we have any prefects?

    Because I haven’t seen any males ask about Prefect status, both Heads of the Slytherin Prefects group are females for the time being. All eligible students 5th year and above may direct their interests to professormoiragray.tumblr.com/ask.

    That being said, would you like to be a prefect?

  3. A Message from Your Head of House

    Good Day, Slytherins.

    Please, make yourself at home. After all, this is your Common Room.

    Behave, don’t make a fool of yourselves, and for any questions, please redirect your owls to my personal ask box. There is no need to bother the Headmistress’s box with your prattle.

    Carry on.

    Professor Moira Gray